San Gabriel teens using sex toys

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San Gabriel teens using sex toys

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п»їLetting the cat out on the street: Dangers to consider |
Letting the cat out on the street or not, is one of the questions we have all asked ourselves. Cats are very independent animals that move in their own air. If we have had them since childhood at home, that environment will be your known area and therefore, will not move from it. At certain times of the year, cats are more nervous and want to go outside. We may escape when we open the door or one day decide to go out and explore the world.
Cats in the street
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Cats tend to feel a little overwhelmed by the noises and movements that occur in it. They are used to the tranquility of the home and can have a great impact when they leave home. If you go into heat and follow your own instincts, you may have serious problems in identifying possible dangers.
Go outside without supervision
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If cats go outside without supervision we will be committing negligence as pet owners. If they have always been at home, it can be very dangerous for their own physical integrity.
The main dangers that cats can find on the street are:
Abuses: For vehicles that do not pay attention to the animals that cross the road. Cats are also prone to certain visual problems from certain ages.
Poisonings: Intentional or accidental, your cat may think it is food like the one he has at home and will fall into a deadly trap.
Fights with other animals: Being unknown in the territory can receive attacks from other dogs or cats that can cause death.
Infectious diseases: There are a number of very dangerous pathologies for cats that can shorten the life of your cat or even cause a chronic illness.
Parasites: Disease-transmitting parasites can be very dangerous.
Aggressions by people who don't like cats
Getting lost and not being able or knowing how to return home.
Problems living with neighbors who can interpret the presence of your cat as a threat.
How to protect our cats
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A post shared by Pleasant Cats (@pleasantcats) on Oct 18, 2017 at 10:36 pm PDT
In order to avoid these risks with which the cat can be found in the street, we must follow the recommendations of veterinarians.
Vaccinate the cat of all possible infectious diseases
Deworming it whenever necessary
The cat must carry a microchip with its identification and our contact telephone number, in case it is lost.
Castrating the cat is one of the preventive measures to prevent it from falling into the impulses of the mating season. Also, if you escape, you can be more attentive to external noises and movements. If you are female, you will avoid being exposed to the dangers of becoming pregnant.
If you like cats you can find more information on the evolution of cat breeds, so you can choose the one you like best and know more about certain allergies, in case you think you may have some symptoms.

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